What is VX?

VX is a new and exciting worldwide sport that has grown at an exponential rate from it's origins in North Yorkshire, UK.

The game is fast and physically demanding on players, increasing their fitness and reflexes. Game strategies and new skills are constantly being developed, even by participants usually not interested in sports. Played in several different formats it can be a highly inclusive gym activity or a gladiatorial contest, the possibilites seem endless.

What is VXUSA?

VXUSA is the National Governing body for VX in the USA. Our mission is to support the grass roots growth of the sport by:
Explaining the game of VX
Providing resources to help teams and clubs get started
Arranging leagues and competitions
Forming a national VX USA team for the VX World Cup.

VX USA is part of VX Global

VX Global

Please visit Global VX for up to date information on the growth of VX.

Highlight reel

Here is some headcam video from a recent event