Q: What is VX?

A: VX is a sport invented in the UK.  That means it is a physical activity, employing a degree of skill and athleticism to achieve a competitive victory!

Q: How come I have never heard of VX?

A: VX was officially launched in February 2006.  The sport is less than a decade old and is not yet commonly known, yet there are already participants on several continents.

Q: How do you play VX?

A: VX is played in different versions, but for now we will say that the basic game consists of two teams of five players.  Each player has a “VX Stick” which is a stick with a plastic scoop on each end that can be used to pick up and throw a ball.

Q: Is it the same as Lacrosse?

A: Not quite. VX requires the teams to score points by hitting members of the opposing team with a ball.  The valid target zone is from the shoulders to and including the feet.

Q: Is it like Dodgeball?

A: Not quite. VX players are allowed to move freely, anywhere in the arena.  If they get hit then they must stop and raise their hand but will be told to play on once the score is noted.

Q: If the game relies on people being honest, surely they will cheat?

A: VX scoring is 1 point for a successful hit and 3 points for a penalty, failing to acknowledge a hit is considered a 3 point penalty.  Cheating is a quick way to lose.

Q: What is the game play like?

A: VX game play is based on 4 quarters each lasting 4 minutes.  In a basic game there are 5 balls in play at all times.

Q: With so much action how do you stop the players from colliding and hurting each other in a frenzy?

A: VX requires each player to take no more than 2 steps without dribbling the ball.  While in possession of the ball another player can not try to acquire it and at no time may a player invade the personal space of an opposing team member.

Q: Will the players get hurt by the balls being thrown at them?

A: VX uses low compression tennis balls to prevent any injury to players.  However protective padding and goggles may be worn by players should they wish.

Q: What do I need to play?

A: VX is usually played in an indoor sports hall for a basic game with 10 players split into two teams.  Usually one referee and two umpires are desired.  The equipment needed  is 10 VX Sticks, 5 balls and a whistle plus score counters for a referee.  Bibs can be used to identify players, however many teams now have their own strip.

Q: What else do I need to know?

A: VX has official games, coaching qualifications and a set of rules.  However, just as with any other sport, individuals and groups are free to simply practice in their own time and under their own supervision.  We at VX USA are here to help officiate people, teams and tournaments when they are ready.  For now we are just excited to promote this new exciting sport, watch it develop and see how it can have a positive impact on people’s lives.