Playing VX

Learn the basic concept of VX, it is easy, fun and addictive.

VX play can be divided into the following areas:

Starting the game

In a game of VX there are usually two teams of 5 players.
Each team starts at opposite ends of the court with one hand on the wall and one hand holding a VX Stinger.
There are 5 balls which are arranged in a triangle at the side of the court.
The game starts when the referee kicks the 5 balls into play.

Obtaining a ball

During the game balls may be stationary on the floor, rolling on the ground or flying through the air.
The only way to obtain a ball is by using the plastic scoop at either end of the VX Stinger.
The ball can be scooped up from the ground or caught in the air.

Moving with a ball

A player without a ball can move anywhere on court.
A player with a ball can only make two steps before throwing or dribbling the ball.
One form of dribbling involves passing the ball from one scoop to another and back.
Another form of dribbling involves bouncing the ball from the floor and back into the scoop.

Throwing a ball

The ball is flicked out of the scoop with the intention of hitting the players on the opposing team.
Each successful hit is a point.
Players on the other team are allowed to block using their Stinger or simply dodge the ball.
Once hit a player must stop playing and raise their hand, the referee will award the point and instruct the player to ‘play on’.

Ending the game

The game or period ends once the pre-arranged time has elapsed and the referee calls time.
The referee will check and reveal the total scores for each team.
The team with the highest score wins.